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Agricultural wires and accessories

Constructional wires

Rods and general purpose wires

    Agricultural wires and accessories

    We offer a wide range of wires and accessories for agricultural purposes, with a special focus on winery trellises and their accessory kits. We, ourselves, manufacture galvanized, wave-form grapestakes, and we also offer aluminium-zink alloy wires with thick coating for a very favourable price. Our extra corrosion-resistant grapestakes and end posts, post clips, crossarms and screws provide for a really hard-wearing and complex planting system. For planting apple and other fruit-bearing trees we offer high-tensile galvanized wires. For fencing and protection of agricultural sites and lands we provide both welded and braided wire fences.

  • Zinc-Aluminium alloy coated wires(thick coating)
  • Galvanized wires for winery and other trellis systems
  • Waveformed grapestakes and post clips
  • Earth anchors
  • Turnbuckles, staples
  • Galvanized rollforming post stakes and end posts

    Constructional wires

    The products we distribute and manufacture are being used in all segments of the construction industry. Black annealed wires are used for ferroconcretes, sidings but they also can be the part of some concrete elements. We offer steel fibers mainly for reinforcing and improving industrial floors, with providing the performance certificates in accordance with EN norms. Our steel rods are used within different concrete elements and columns/poles. Ferroconcrete wire meshes can be applied as reinforcement of floors and ceilings.

  • Steel fibers
  • Building soft wires(assembly, siding)
  • Steel rods for elements
  • Welded wire mesh
  • Frameworks and sieves

    Rods and general purpose wires

    We also produce items for industrial usage with the help of our new straigthening and cutting machines. From steel wires we manufacture semi-finished products for welding and frames, shelves, basket manufacturing purposes. Our wires are used for welding rods, cornershelves and various kinds of steelbaskets. We also offer brass welding rods and other stainless steel wires for special purposes. We distribute whole rolls of spring-steel wire to furniture and industrial sieve manufacturers. Low-tensile wires can be used for the production of display stands and waved steelnets.

  • Rods for mesh structures
  • Wires and rods for welding technologies
  • Spring steel wires

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